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The Beta Bra is now officially for sale! We have refined our design and process for making a truly perfect fitting, custom made, ultra comfortable bra and are offering our current version at a discounted price* starting from 495 euros.


We are currently fully booked for orders for the next few months. However we are booking people onto our waiting list. Currently we are happy to reserve places without requiring a deposit. Please complete the form below and we will contact you when we are able to begin making you your perfect bra.

All our bras are created by hand in our Atelier in Rotterdam using the latest techniques combined with traditional skills and designed especially for you.

All our bras are completely bespoke and fitted with our unique invention; 3D printed support elements, individually crafted for your body, that fit exactly to your contours, replacing uncomfortable traditional underwiring.

Included in this price is €80,00 for us to scan your bust and model your patterns and 3D print files, which means you can buy any additional bras for only 415 euros.

Once you have pre-ordered your bra below the experience begins! Firstly we will contact you to arrange a 3D scan of your body and to design your bra. The efficiently of the scanning means it is a quick process so we can focus on getting the design of your bra just right.

We then give you an exclusive mesh ring to take home and keep while we begin our work.

Over the next 2 months your scan will be converted into the perfect bra by digital modeling and then creating a pattern. We then 3D print your bespoke underwire replacement part and cut the fabric to make the bra. Our artisans then begin to sew the bra together until we believe it is perfect. Then you will come in for a final fitting before the bra is yours to keep forever!

If you want to stay updated in the mean time, follow Mesh Lingerie at instagram or facebook. We will send out a newsletter once per three months to all our future muses with our biggest news.

* The prices mentioned on this website are published with reservation.

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