Mesh Lingerie turns every woman into a Muse by making her a custom fit bra based on a personal 3D bodyscan. Traditional underwires are replaced by 3D printed support elements. The name Mesh Lingerie finds its origin in the file format of 3D scans. Being 3D scanned by Mesh Lingerie will automatically turn a customer into a Mesh Muse.

Global mission.

Currently, the fashion business is the second most polluting industry. Therefore we do not only have the mission to offer women the best fitted bra possible, we have a global mission too. By developing a method to provide bespoke products for a bigger audience (mass customization), we give people a chance to cherish their products. In this way products become more valuable and less likely to be thrown away like a disposable. Besides, we believe crafts(wo)manship should not be forgotten, but reinforced with existing technologies.

How it all started.

Mesh Lingerie started at Delft University of Technology and was founded by Dutch fashion design engineer Lidewij van Twillert. She thinks a good product or garment can only exist when form and function are one: “By integrating technology we make bras that shape, support ánd have aesthetic qualities.” Lidewij wanted to graduate with a project in which her vision could become reality: create more depth and meaning in fashion by integrating science. At the moment, the Mesh team exists of 5 people.


Currently we are running a pilot with 30 paying customers. We are optimizing our processes and make our bespoke line ready to launch. For the 3D printed elements we are working on a patent to be able to collaborate with, for example, existing lingerie brands. If you are curious about our 3D printed underwire replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are open for collaborations.